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The Value of Retail

Tens of millions of American jobs depend on the retail industry. Anyone whose job results in a consumer product – from those who supply the raw materials to factory workers to the truck drivers who deliver goods to stores – counts on retail for their livelihood. With 3.6 million stores drawing on a vast array of suppliers, retail supports 42 million jobs and $2.5 trillion of annual GDP in the US.

With stores in every community, merchants connect daily with consumers and are a key barometer for the economy. And after more than a century of representing those merchants, the National Retail Federation continues to be known as the "Voice of Retail in the Nation's Capital."

Download a 12-page packet on the Value of Retail.

* Source: PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP,
The Economic Impact of the U.S. Retail Industry,
August 2011. All data pertain to 2009.

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