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Questions about the contest? We’ve got answers.

The winners of this contest have been selected. Meet our winners!

Who can enter this contest?
CrowdYou can enter the contest starting March 5, 2012, if you are a legal U.S. resident who is employed by a retailer. Alternatively, if you are a videographer, you can pair up with a retail partner to submit a video for the contest.
What does it mean to “work in retail”
or how do I know if my employer is a “retailer”?
You work for a retailer if your employer is a business or enterprise that directly sells goods and/or services to consumers. That means any store, shop, chain restaurant or online business that works directly with customers. You work in retail even if you work “behind the scenes” at a retail organization in departments such as IT, accounting, marketing, and loss prevention.
I don’t work in the retail industry;
can I still make a video about someone who does?
Each contest entrant must work for a retailer. However, you can partner with a retail worker to make a video together. How you decide to share the prize money is up to you. Only the person who actually submits the video through the Retail Means Jobs website will be permitted to attend events in Washington, DC.
How old do I have to be to enter the contest?
You must be at least 18 years old in most states. See for full details.
Do I need to get my boss’ permission
to make a video about my job?
Employees at counterThat depends. Companies have different requirements on how associates are allowed to use their names or storefronts. We recommend that you share the idea of entering the contest with your boss or employer. He/she may have great suggestions on how best to showcase the company and your job, and may be able to offer you access to resources to help you with your entry.
What should the video be about?
Your original video should be about what working in retail means to you as well as the opportunities that retail has to offer. When telling your story, pick one of the following themes, and be sure to mention at least one of the following items in your video:

  • How Retail Powers America’s Economy
  • How Retail Is Main Street
  • How Retail Drives Innovation
  • How Retail Strengthens Consumers
  • How Retail Creates Opportunity

    Your video must also include the phrase, “I’m [insert your name], and This Is Retail.”
  • What should the video NOT contain?
    The video should not contain copyrighted material, like music, without express consent from the owner. It should not advertise or promote a product. It should not contain personal information such as addresses or phone numbers. Please see for full details.
    Can I use music or other existing video
    material in my video?
    All work contained in your entry must be original or you must obtain a royalty-free license to use the material. In general, that means that you should not use, alter or copy the work of another without written permission. This includes music, pictures, logos, artwork and other intellectual property. Please see for full details.
    Do you have any advice on
    what constitutes a good quality video?
    CrowdThe most important elements are good lighting and speaking clearly. We want to be able to see you and hear what you have to say. Be yourself. For more tips on how to make a winning video, visit
    What will get my video disqualified?
    Any objectionable material, such as foul language or inappropriate images, may cause your video to be disqualified. Any use of copyrighted material without consent may lead to disqualification. In addition, not completing the Official Entry Form properly may lead to disqualification. However, these are just a few examples – there are many other possible reasons for disqualification. The contest sponsor has the sole authority and discretion to decide whether a video should be disqualified.
    How long should the video be?
    CrowdYour video should be no longer than two minutes in length and no larger than 20 MB in file size.
    Do I need a professional video camera?
    No. You can use any type of video camera. Most everyday digital cameras and even many cell phones have video capabilities that can be used to shoot your video.
    How do I submit my video?
    CrowdAn online entry form will be available on the contest website: All submissions must be made via this online form.
    What personal information will I need to provide?
    Along with your video, we ask you for identifying information as well as some short answers to a few questions about how you feel about working in retail. Finalists will also be required to pass a basic security and criminal background check.
    Will my name and personal information be publicized
    if I enter the contest?
    Your name, likeness, voice, and biographical information that you provide as part of your contest submission could be used by the contest sponsor at their discretion. You must agree to these terms in order to enter the contest.
    Who has the rights to my video once it’s submitted?
    All submissions become the property of the contest sponsor.
    How will a winner be selected?
    A panel of top retail executives will first select the top 20 finalists. Then several rounds of online voting will be open to the public. Each person may vote up to ten times per day during the public voting period.
    When will the winner be announced?
    CrowdThe top three finalists will be notified on May 1, 2012. The names of all winners will be available after May 16, 2012 on the website.
    What do I win?
    The first place winner receives $25,000, the second place winner receives $15,000 , and the third place winner receives $10,000.
    Will I have to pay taxes if I win a cash prize?
    Any and all applicable federal, state, and local taxes and fees related to winning a contest are your responsibility. Please ask your local tax or legal professional about laws that may pertain to you.
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